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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Judge from Anna Nicole Custody Suit "Fame" is sued by elderly neighbor for stealing her savings. OUCH!

This may be another example of the media not doing their job (link)

The alleged swindle happened in 2002, yet when Judge Seidlin had his fame as the emotional judge of the then recently passed Anna Nicole custody trial in early 2007, I don't think anything was either known or reported about his possible involvement in this elder swindle.

Would it have been that hard to find out this possible financial theft information about Judge Seidlin? The woman who is alleging being swindled live in the same condo. The allegations seem like they might be provable in court. Close to half a million dollars drawn from the plaintiffs account have allegedly been used to pay for Mr. Seidlin's daughter's private school tuition and a second home!

The media really appears to not do their job, they just seem to write fluff pieces of whomever is famous at that moment in time, remember that when you read financial fluff pieces that try and say times are getting better even as nothing is being done to offer incentives to help pay down consumer credit card debt.

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