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Thursday, March 10, 2016

Bernie Sander's wife apparently accepted a golden parachute of 200,000 dollars after allegations surfaced that she was writing college checks to a Vacation Resort Island run by Bernie Sanders best friend.

If Bernie Sander's wife has not been vetted over possibly doing the type of corrupt things that are the opposite of Bernie Sander's political identity, should not this be vetted now rather than later? Snopes.com has not addressed the issue.

Bernie Sanders and his wife enjoyed perhaps a decade or longer financial run in which they collectively were making one thousand dollars a day. Yet Bernie Sanders still has significant credit card debt.

The Bernie Sanders credit card debt scenario seems like a ruse to gain sympathy and empathy from the common man and woman, "even Bernie Sanders has credit card debt he can't pay off"!

Is Bernie Sanders about to burn millions of his own followers? Why is it ok for Hillary Clinton to be constantly vetted and attacked from all sides, yet Bernie Sanders has not been "Snoped" over serious personal financial decisions that cut right through the core of what Bernie Sanders is supposed to stand for.

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