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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Why are the U.S. Tornados, the deadliest in decades, less important than the Royal Wedding in England?

What is wrong with the media? There should be cameras swarming all over the states that have been devastated by dozens of killer tornados. There should be hours and hours and hours of coverage. Channels that regularly show crap reality tv shows, like MTV and VH1, should find the time to run programming about the tornados.

Is the media really this clueless, self indulgent, narcissistic to have no plan b for multiple catastrophes in multiple states? But hey, lets all watch hours and hours of the Royal Wedding.

Media Idiots, they destroyed the 2008 democratic coverage with their lack of investigative journalism, they've allowed millions of americans to be shafted out of the loss of their homes, even when many homeowners still had significant equity in their homes, and now they're going to bombard us with the Royal Wedding even as Tornados have just ravaged many many states in the past week.

And of all the times to make himself the center of attention, Barack Obama picked yesterday to attempt to "debunk" his birth certificate issue even though the issue has always been whether or not he was a natural born citizen and not where he was born. Did Obama even consider the timing of making an announcement about his own birth certificate while americans were dying in several states from multiple tornado attacks?

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