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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sandwich Board Man gets a Job after 99 Weeks of walking the streets wearing a sandwich board while seeking employment.

If we had a 99 week timeline of all of Sandwich Board Man's efforts to find a job by wearing a sandwich board in public, we would probably discover that literally tens of millions of people knew who Sandwhich Board Man was. We would probably find out that Sandwich Board Man was probably being interviewed for a television or radio show, or for a news story at least once every week.

Some may wonder if S.B.M. getting a job at week 99, just when his benefits were going to run out and just when he was about to give up, might have involved some secret manipulation to create a happy ending, but not I.

I think S.B.M. might have inadvertently been spreading job appreciation around the country for those 99 weeks that he sandwich boarded around town. Anyone who had a similar job to the one that Sandwich Board Man was in search of probably clutched on to their own job a little harder and with a little more gratitude over their own job. In other words, Sandwich Board Man probably reduced his own job opportunities in his own field because of his own actions.

If S.B.M. had consulted with me, to help him find a job, I would not have suggested the following....
I would not have have suggested that S.B.M. falsely claim he was hired after one week,

Nor would I have suggested S.B.M. hire a different Sandwich Board Man for week number two to take his place.

Neither would I have suggested that Sandwich Board Man hire a different S.B.M. for the third week to claim that the second week sandwich board man was also quickly hired as well and that now he too, the third sandwich board man, was hoping to get a job as well.

Nor would I have suggested to sandwich board man that after a few more magical one week hires by his S.B.M. offspring that he spin his own story into one of unmitigated success. No, I would not have suggested that sandwich board man go into to business consulting those interested in finding a job by using his magical "sandwich board spot method".

No way that I would suggest that S.B.M. start claiming that it was so much more gratifying to sell time share opportunities for his magic spot than the job he actually got (which he never really got) that he decided to go into business time share selling his magic sandwich board spot instead.

Word would spread about sandwich board man and his perfect spot for landing a job, and future prospective sandwich board job hunters would pre-pay for a weeks time at his magic spot. Time-share "Sandwich board spot" sales at one week intervals each would go 10 years into the future, and the original sandwich board man would then go around promoting his new franchise opportunit venture.

No, I would not recommend that S.B.M. do any of that. (ha ha ha)

Nor would I have recommended that S.B.M. run an infomercial offering a limited time only, "you too can start your own sandwich board franchise in your own city for only $ 999 promotion", but you should hurry and buy in now as there is only one truly good spot in each and every city in the country.

Although I would not recommend Sandwich board man do any the above, if he had, Sandwich Board Man would have been embraced by Wall Street; and we know that anybody Wall Street embraces is worth their weight, on the moon.

Friday, April 23, 2010

RAISE MY TAXES scream protestors! Probably because that tax increase will go towards paying THEIR wages!

RAISE MY TAXES! Click here to learn more. For the uninitiated, that is not my position, just repeating what the "protestors" were chanting. I heard about this on the Rush Limbaugh show. Although I am not a Rush Limbaugh supporter per se, he definitely comes up with very important information.

Oh what the democratic party has been reduced to when they choose to throw Hillary Clinton to the curb and elect Barack Obama. wow.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Another blog advocates moving your money to a local bank.

More and more blogs and bloggers are advocating moving your money to a local bank. Click here to learn more at Get Rich Slowly dot org.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Man intentionally vomits on a father and daughter at a Phillies game and is arrested, should have been tasered as well.

Stories like this just make you shake your head. Not just what this person did at the ballgame by intentionally vomiting on a man and his daughter at a Phillies game, but what about the other days of the week.

What does this kind of an idiot do when they aren't vomiting on a man and his daughter at a Phillies game. By the way, spitting on a person is considered assault, so I would presume vomiting to be an even worse offense, and I hope the judge does not let this evil clown off the hook.

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