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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I think this youtube guy, Philip DeFranco, aka sxephil is funny.

Philip DeFranco is funny in the opposite way that
Keith Olbermann makes me gnash my teeth.
Philip DeFranco actually got the youtube name
sxephil ???

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Blaming College Education for our economic woes. Part I

I'm gonna say the unthinkable. College educations are ruining the world's economies.

How can educating people ruin the world's economies?

The problem is, once educated, educated people need non-educated people working below them to sustain their own job. Think of education as an iceberg. For every part floating above water, also known as the "educated part", there is another 90% below water sustaining the educationally driven above water.

Is the ratio ten to one? I have no idea what the ratio of educated to non-educated is, but as more and more people are educated, there are less and less, less educated people below them to sustain the educated.

Want some proof? Look at what is going on in Haiti. What do you think it costs to support every doctor and educated person who is in Haiti? There probably are about 5 or 10 ten less educated people actually creating the products for each doctor, nurse, architect, or rescue worker that is required in Haiti.

Aha, you may say, rescue workers may or may not have a college decree. Maybe so, but most rescue workers are employed by an ever growing government employment force. Who is ultimately paying for their job? The less educated that do the actual "grunt work" creates the resources for the rescue worker to be employed to do their jobs.

The iceberg cycle appears to be inescapable.

There may be a solution, but ironically, the educated will never figure it out, nor if presented with the idea, would they accept it. The educated would rather see the world crash and burn then see the solution implemented.

Part II will cover the solution.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

The 1.00 a gallon gasoline tax the entire country is paying without realizing it.

Some may argue that there is no correlation between the price of gasoline and credit card interest rate charges. However, when the price of gasoline crept up from 3.00 dollars a gallon to 4.00 dollars a gallon, economists began explaining how this rise in the cost of gasoline would adversely effect the economy.
What if I told you the entire country has been paying a secret one dollar per gallon tax for the last couple of years?
What if I told you that the 1 dollar a gallon of gasoline tax consumers are presently paying is not going to develop alternative sources of energy, but instead is going into the pockets of wall street bankers who don't reinvest the money on main street?

Total average miles driven in the United States averages around 250 billion miles a month. To calculate the miles per gallon average I used 20 miles per gallon. While many cars get well above this figure, when city driving, older vehicles, trucks, buses and bigger vehicles are factored in, 20 miles per gallon is probably a "safe" overall estimate to make, therefore the United States consumes 12.5 billion gallons of gasoline per month.

Approximately 850 to 950 billion dollars in Consumer credit card debt generates an estimated 12.5 billion dollars a month in interest rate charges on this existing credit card debt. American Consumers are being billed 12.5 billion dollars of interest rate charges every month. Every month american consumers use 12.5 billion gallons. This translates into a 1 to 1 ratio. For every 1 dollars of interest rate charges consumers pay every month, they consume one gallon of gasoline.

So whatever you pay per gallon of gasoline, the overall economy is absorbing an additional $1 dollar a gallon in credit card interest rate charges.
That 1 dollar in interest rate charged for every gallon of gasoline consumed is not going towards alternative energy research, it is instead going to national banks as profit that then gets reinvested in foreign industry, or is simply given out as bankers bonuses.
Either way, the interest you pay on your credit card debt IS NOT coming back to your local community.
By not accelerating alternative energy research, the U.S. has to fund excessive military bases all over the world to monitor strategic oil resources.
I would much rather see the United States in a more self reliant energy position and that 1 dollar per gallon consumed should be going for alternative energy research.

Instead of having to pay to maintain all of these military bases and waste a lot of fuel fighting the right to consume a lot more fuel, we could actually use a leaner military to make sure countries are not wasting their resources too quickly.

And, more importantly, if we did have the energy resources to effectively power our own economy, our concern about world wide energy consumption habits would be more altruistic since we wouldn't have to have the energy supplies that we would be monitoring.
In the meantime, consumer credit card debt is the equivalent of 1 dollar per every gallon of gasoline consumed in the United States and in essence that is how our wars are being funded.
Paying interest rate charges on credit card debt is funding our war efforts all over the globe when it should be funding alternative energy research that would reduce the need for world wide military intervention.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Problem With America's Debt - Glenn Beck - FOXNews.com - Glenn Beck claims debt with Chase Bank is "better" than debt with China, gasp.

The Problem With America's Debt - Glenn Beck - FOXNews.com

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Glenn Beck does not understand the real damage that consumer debt is creating. He thinks we would be "better off" owing Chase Bank rather than China. This is just nuts. We would be better off incentivizing the consumer credit card debt by removing the interest rate charges for any consumer who is committed to PAYING DOWN THEIR CREDIT CARD DEBT.

Everybody wins, even the Chinese. But Glenn Beck falls short with his analysis. The alleged tea bagger could not bring himself to admit that national banks have destroyed local economies.

I will give some credit to Glenn Beck for spotlighting that the Barack Obama is holding on to part of the stimulus money so that the democrats can use it just before the next set of elections this fall to seed Wall Street and possibly electrify regions of the country with stimulus money.

But Glenn Beck loses the credit, and then some, when he has the gall to say consumers would be better off owing Chase Bank rather than China.

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