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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Is Quality the Answer when it comes to fixing the global economy?

It seems like economic growth is fueled by the belief in something good. Once the good is created, waves of false excitement that lead to false growth get created as cheaper product imitations are made that leave the consumer with the initial belief that they are getting something valuable, for a lot cheaper.

Once the consumer realizes the new cheaper thing is not as good as what it replaced, nor as useful, consumer enthusiam disappears, the value plummets, and the economy crashes.

The initial desire to save the economy is to then try and just get things going again. But if we create things just to get things going again, and the creation isn't based on quality and longevity, there will be nothing to get excited about, hence no real growth, and the economy will just stagnate.

No matter how many times we are led to believe that quality is not the issue, there comes a moment in the economic spin cycle where quality and longevity does matter.

Just recently I read an article about how Detroit had already started retooling some engine plants to make more fuel efficient engines, and now that the price of gasoline was crashing, there was some regret being expressed that maybe Detroit had over reacted to the spike in fuel prices and retooled too quickly.

It will be interesting to see if quality and longevity can make a comeback. Right now it seems the speculators only know how to make a fast buck, which means quality won't make a comeback just yet, and neither will the economy.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

There may be only one way to fix the global economy.

There may be only one way to fix the global economy, and it revolves around the governments of the world changing how they operate. Governments can no longer be energy drainers and huge tax assessors, it no longer works. The world's global economy will only heal when governments from all over the world actually begin to create wealth rather than drain it.

Global economy overlap, in which emerging industrialized nations now compete with existing ones, can only be reversed if each and every government creates it's own wealth and reduces taxes on it's citizens, and the banking institutions quit charging long term interest on short term purchases.

What kind of wealth can governments generate? Energy wealth appears to be the number one commodity. If the United States government could supply energy to it's citizens at very competitive prices, it would become it's own wealth generator and in the process would not need to tax so heavily.

If the United States government generated it's own energy, we would not need to have so many troops spread throughout the world. I don't recommend our government directly compete with energy companies, however there are certain kinds of energy the government should be able to handle, energy such as hydroelectric energy.

In the information age we could lead by example, not by military presence. It really is all about energy now.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Stock Markets Rise over 900 Points, biggest rise ever, um, did your stocks go up very much in value???

I didn't delve too deeply into who did well today, however, just for fun and research purposes I track a few dozen stocks. Hardly any of them had more than a one or two percent jump in "value" on a day when the stock market went up 11%. Somebody has some explaining to do.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

What will fix the Stock Market? How about the government admitting that they and the banking community have gutted the consumer beyond recognition.

George Bush will speak AGAIN this morning and once again I will be reminded of the musical quartet playing on the deck of the Titantic as the Titantic sank. I feel as if George Bush is simply there to ease our minds while the economy tanks.

What would fix the stock market?

An acknowledgement by the government that between their level of taxes and fees, along with ultra high interest rates by the banks on unsecured credit, the consumer does not have enough spendable income left. If President Bush would just admit this, and agree something needs to be done about it, this would actually encourage wall street. New investments in products and goods by businesses would be spurred by the belief that the consumer will be able to afford new purchases at some point in the near future.

However, something else has to happen, and I'll devote my next article to that key issue.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

George Bush Explains about Credit 101, never Mentioning that cash is a good thing to have.

President Bush explains the economy to everybody during ANOTHER hastily called press conference...."Lets say you have a chair for sale, but the customer doesn't have the credit to buy the chair...."

My question is, why doesn't the customer have the cash to buy the chair? Answer, because taxes, fees, and interest take as much as 60% of a customers income, that's why there is a "need" for credit.

I never realized that the Government and Wall Street was doing everybody a favor by keeping everybody in debt and requiring ever increasing debt loads to pay their monthly bills.


NBC Bailouts out on CSPAN Bailout Spoof starring George Soros, Pelosi, Frank, Bush & Sandler lookalikes, but others have preserved the clip.

The Saturday Night Live CSPAN Bailout spoof video clip has been removed by NBC. I consider this bait and switch. Garner great ratings from political material, then pretend it never happened. I stumbled upon a gracious entity who understands the importance of preserving political art and you can download it at Saturday Night Live Spoof starring George Soros lookalike.

This link automatically downloads a wav file to your computer so don't click on it if you don't want it on your computer. I downloaded it with no problems. If you download the video the George Soros piece is in the final 90 seconds, however I don't think you can fast forward the video to the final 90 seconds.

Allegedly the Sandlers complained about their spoof segment, presumably about the caption that appeared over their scene. I can see why they would be concerned. The Saturday Night Live CSPAN piece should have stayed available with the Sandler caption blurred out or rewritten. Yes that can be seen as a form of censorship but since it involves inflammatory language about offing someone, I think an exception could be made.

For NBC to pretend the piece never existed is just wrong and in a way they may be doing more wrong by not accommodating the Sandlers AND letting the viewing audicence see the piece for ALL THE OTHER BITS THAT ARE IN IT. One wrong should not mean an entire piece is deleted from the internet.

George Soros manipulated the democratic race and Barack Obama doesn't care that millions of hard working voices and the elderly were denied a realistic chance to be heard in the Great Plains caucus contests, not to mention Florida, Michigan and Texas.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Saturday Night Live Transcript of a CSPAN Spoof involving George Soros, Nancy Pelosi, Barney Frank, and the Bailout.

Transcript of Saturday Night Live CSPAN spoof starring "George Bush, Nancy Pelosi, Barney Frank, and George Soros" lookalikes. I transcribed this myself, my preference is anyone can put a link to here rather than just cutting and pasting it somewhere else, thanks.

Barney Frank
Many of you are probably wondering where did that 700 billion missing from our economy go. To help answer that, let me introduce our good friend, Billionaire Hedge Fund Manager George Soros.

George Soros
Zo vut became of zat 700 billion dollars. Well, Basically it belongs to me now. Actually, it's not even dollars anymore but Swiss Francs. Since I have taken a short on position against the U.S. Dollar.

George Bush
Oh Really - that's not good.

George Soros
You're not to speak, I don't like you.

George Bush
(nods incoherently)

George Soros
Yes uh, the U.S. Dollar will have to be devalued sometime next week, either Tuesday or Wednesday, I haven't decided which yet, it will depend on how I feel.

Barney Frank
Thank you very much Mr. Soros, You're a great man.

George Soros
Yes, could I just add that even though you know whats coming, you won't be able to do anything about it.

Nancy Pelosi
You're a wise man, Mr. Soros (in awe), and a powerful one.

Barney Frank
You are better than us.

George Soros
(to Anne Hathaway's penniless husband) Your wife is physically attractive, sell her to me please.



End of faux CSPAN conference courtesy of Saturday Night Live.

The video clip has since been removed by NBC. However, you can download it at Saturday Night Live Spoof starring George Soros lookalike. This link automatically downloads a wav file to your computer so don't click on it if you don't want it on your computer. I downloaded it with no problems. If you download the video the George Soros piece is in the final 90 seconds, however I don't think you can fast forward the video to the final 90 seconds.

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