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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Are Cities being two-faced when they buy things online instead of from local businesses that pay property, business, and local taxes plus licenses.

I believe the disconnect between city budget deficits and the local businesses who are being newly taxed by local governments has now reached epic proportions, specifically because of the internet. I recall hearing that the city of Los Angeles processes its parking and motor vehicle violation tickets through a firm that works out of Mexico.

But what about all the city offices that order their products online, but not from local online businesses? Is this a wise move? As the Internet creates more cut throat price wars and leaner profit margins FOR ALL, city budgets just seem to go along, bloated with ever fattening pension "obligations".

Yet at the same time, are these same city budgeteers trying to cut costs by purchasing cheaper quality products from wherever they may get it, even if it is not from a local business? While intercity commerce is usually a good thing, when it comes to using taxpayer money, that taxpayer money must be recirculated locally first, before it goes elsewhere.

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