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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Stock Market Inflexibility, It's Their way or No way, same for the Government.

It just seems odd to this corner of the world that the stock market, the banking industry, and the U.S. Government seem to care only about long term profitability rather than short term consumer stability. I find this odd because in general these three entities usually seem to care only about short term issues.

Suddenly, when it comes to helping the consumer, it's a "this is going to hurt me, more than it is you" premise.

Short term consumer stability revolves around the banks, government, and wall street being satisfied that people can pay their monthly bills. One way to achieve this is to recognize that the interest charges on OLD, credit card debt is the first thing that should go. This would instantly give people hope that they could reduce their debts and start saving.

Banks don't seem interested in consumer stability if it means letting go of OLD credit card interest payments. Banks continue to hold on to their OLD credit card debt and are using it to further bury the consumer with OLD interest debt that the consumer has already been paid back over and over. This ill gotten money is then handed over to everybody BUT the consumer. Rather than use the ill gotten OLD interest rate charges to reinvest in the local community, the money is dumped in other countries, this investment then creates products that put more and more americans out of work while destroying the local infrastructure. These acts are approaching treason.

Our military uses more fuel than most nations, which in turn is adding huge debt on a daily basis while reducing the overall value of publicly owned real estate. This allows the Middle East to buy up our land with our own money at an even faster rate than can be imagined, is that a plan? We have always bragged about a separation of church and state, when do we get to brag about a separation of military and the politicians who financially benefit whenever the military goes to war?

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