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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Hyundai tries to do the right thing, but it sure sounds weird.

Hyundai says bring your new car back if you lose your job within the first year.

Hyundai is running a television ad that if you lose your job, your license, have health issues or lose your source of income within the first year of buying your Hyundai car, you can return your new car purchase, without harming your credit history. Hyundai will cover you up to $7,500 dollars worth of negative equity, anything more than that and you have to pay the difference. Also, you have to have made at least two car payments.

This is all well and good, but what does it mean if Hyundai does not make this special offer? Does it really mean that a consumer should be labeled a "bad risk" because they lost their job and could not pay for the car? Should a consumer be labeled a "bad risk" if they have an ailing parent (as mentioned in the link above) that might cause a financial strain to take care of and cause the consumer to have to return a car?

Is being "forgiven" by the very businesses who in one way or another threw them under the bus over the past couple of decades by force feeding them things that in the long run were not viable the only way the american consumer can get a "break"?

How about an interest free debt paydown program so people can restart their economic lives over and not be indentured to the very entities willing to "forgive us" because we can't afford new debt.

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