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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Chase Bank in Woodland Hills. A Peaceful Protest is planned for 6633 Topanga Canyon Blvd in the West San Fernando Valley (Los Angeles County).

I may be the only one out there, but I will be peacefully protesting at 6633 Topanga Canyon Blvd in Woodland Hills, CA. because Chase is raising their monthly minimum from 2% to 5% on EXISTING, low interest credit card debt of their most loyal and on time paying customers! My plan is to picket one hour a day until Chase REVERSES their policy.

If I am the only one out there, Chase won't care. Chase will only care if others join in. Please bookmark Daily-Protest.com as other protest blogs come online with additional locations to protest at. This is entirely a grass roots effort, NO MONEY is involved in this protest.

The biggest threat to millions of americans may just be the change in terms to ALREADY EXISTING CREDIT CARD DEBT! Chase Bank has basically decided that they can rework any credit card agreement that they previously offered to their customers at any time, and do it to the severe detriment and hardship of their customrs. Rather than give an incentive in exchange for changing credit card terms, Chase is actually punishing its customers with their change in term proposals.

But the problem is not just Chase. If Chase gets away with chasing down their past credit card offers and changing them in a manner that will cause tens of thousands of americans to default so Chase can close out less profitable accounts, other credit card companies will be pressured to do the same thing.

CitiBank is allegedly about to do the same thing as Chase.
If Chase succeeds, other Credit Card Companies WILL FOLLOW.

So just what did Chase do? First, Chase offered low interest balance transfers to blue collar, honest, always pay on time customers. Chase and other credit card companies enticed their customers to pay off higher interest debt by offering them low interest balance transfer loans FOR THE LIFE OF THE LOAN. Yes, these magical, 3.99 and 5.99 percent loans were to help the consumer pay off higher interest debt specifically because of a consumers excellent credit history.

Presently, all the attention seems to be on those with negative equity and those behind on their mortgages. I have no problem helping those that badly off to try and get by, but to do it on the backs of the middle class that have been diligently paying down these low interest credit card offers is just outrageous, especially when the middle class cannot afford these changes.

DAILY-PROTEST.com is a network of protest blogs that will be peacefully protesting directly in front of Chase Banks across the nation. There is no money or support being offered. That can surely be found right in your community among those that are about to lose their credit ratings due to the credit card companies mishandling of this situation.


Anonymous said...

You have all my support buddy. Hopefully people will realize they can actually do something about these greedy corporate douchebags.

c. brown said...

great work. keep it up! more videos too!

the very best approach with credit cards for the majors JPM, BAC, C etc. is to just stop paying them. write to them by certified mail at the executive offices (nyc, de, chicago) and tell them you are closing the account because you don't like the disrespectful way they treat individual customers and that you demand they agree to either 1) a 0%-ten year repayment plan or 2) a lump-sum settlement for 15-30% of the balance and you will not make any further payment until they agree in writing. let the balance go into default, and keep detailed notes on the harassing collections calls. ignore their threats until they agree to your terms. they will come around. the more people do this as part of the current wave, the more effective it will be for everyone. believe me, even a few hundred extra letters like this and they will definitely get the message.

companies like JPM Chase have already allocated tens of billions for losses on loan writeoffs in the coming quarters and they are being covered by TARP and TALF etc and still posting billions in profits. take your share now. sure it will ding your credit score but so what. it will recover quickly and you're going to stop doing business with them anyway. stop being a battery for these monstrous robots. they have no excuse as an organization and they treat their rank and file employees as badly as they treat their customers.

move all your accounts and take all your future business to a local credit union. curtail your use of plastic for routine transactions--go green and use cash. shop locally and consciously. go on a plastic 'chase diet'!!! stop using the card and stop feeding them their 2-3% merchant fees on every purchase.

there is simply no excuse for the abuses and disrespectful attitude of these companies, and chase is the worst. their actions are unconscionable--and thus there is no agreement in law to their terms. take back the power--you dictate the terms to them. don't take no or any of their petty bureaucratic bullshit for an answer. there is only one rule: the customer is always right. period. until they learn it, no more payments for them. it is not irresponsible to walk away from an abusive situation--it is your duty to!

shame on them with their mechanical sphincter logo and dinosaur marketing polluting the golden state and west coast. shame on them for usurping john lennon's words and music for their corporate feudalism. how nauseating! if he were alive today he would be leading the charge against them. tell chase to take their terms and their brain dead branding and shove it!

rita said...

I am reading a book titled "MAXED OUT" by James Scurlock. It has opened my eyes & I am now appalled by the Credit card industry.
I am currently $2,000 dollars in debt to Chase because I spent $2,000 I didn't have to help bail my worthless brother who will never pay me back out of trouble he was in in Thailand.

So you're telling me I can protest the interest charge they are charging me for that $2,000? My question is what will be the repercussions when they destroy my credit rating?

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