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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Global Warming, Top O the Muffin, Muffin Stumps, and how a Show about Nothing is actually about Everything.

I believe that Seinfeld, the show about nothing, covered the issue of global warming in what may be one of the all time classic Seinfeld episodes called "Top o the Muffin".
"Top o the Muffin" gets to the heart of what is wrong with the way we conduct a capitalistic economy. Top o the Muffin was not about Global Warming specifically, but the entire story structure of what happens when Elaine decides to create a business that only sells muffin tops is reminiscent of what the entire planet is going through from an economic and global warming paradigm point of view.

The irony in being able to produce energy, water, cars, gasoline and roadways at such low prices now (just like the top o the muffin), is also creating an obstacle down the road (how to keep making the top of the muffin affordable while dealing with the muffin stumps) that will grow increasingly impossible to solve as time goes on.

Until an effective, energy efficient organic battery can be affordably created, we will continue to deal with an ever growing supply of energy "muffin stumps". Present day batteries (muffin stumps) cannot be put into the ground without harming the environment.

Petroleum, the present day muffin top, is a premium energy product that should be used to energize other types of energies that we need to develop, not compete with them.

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