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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Blaming College Education for our economic woes. Part I

I'm gonna say the unthinkable. College educations are ruining the world's economies.

How can educating people ruin the world's economies?

The problem is, once educated, educated people need non-educated people working below them to sustain their own job. Think of education as an iceberg. For every part floating above water, also known as the "educated part", there is another 90% below water sustaining the educationally driven above water.

Is the ratio ten to one? I have no idea what the ratio of educated to non-educated is, but as more and more people are educated, there are less and less, less educated people below them to sustain the educated.

Want some proof? Look at what is going on in Haiti. What do you think it costs to support every doctor and educated person who is in Haiti? There probably are about 5 or 10 ten less educated people actually creating the products for each doctor, nurse, architect, or rescue worker that is required in Haiti.

Aha, you may say, rescue workers may or may not have a college decree. Maybe so, but most rescue workers are employed by an ever growing government employment force. Who is ultimately paying for their job? The less educated that do the actual "grunt work" creates the resources for the rescue worker to be employed to do their jobs.

The iceberg cycle appears to be inescapable.

There may be a solution, but ironically, the educated will never figure it out, nor if presented with the idea, would they accept it. The educated would rather see the world crash and burn then see the solution implemented.

Part II will cover the solution.

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