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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Natural Conspiracies separate the conspiracy theorists from those who think they are nuts.

It dawned on me the other day that the reason very few conspiracy theories ever get taken seriously is that most real conspiracies occur "naturally". An example of a natural conspiracy is the 2008 democratic presidential nominee race.

Natural conspiracies can happen when governments know something bad is going to happen, but decide to let it happen anyways because it will be easier to get their own citizens to follow what they (the government) believe needs to be done going into the future.

While many believed that the final 2008 democratic presidential result was a conspiracy against Hillary Clinton, it is more likely that television programming that highly skewed towards the young created an environment that made it "hipper" for the news stations and talks shows to over publicize Barack Obama while marginalizing Hillary Clinton.

Finding the real reason for the skewing of television programming towards the young reveals one possible disturbing motivation. Wall Street desires the indenturing our citizens at the youngest age possible because that debt will keep growing over the lifetime of the debtor. The result is a massive amount of high interest rates resulting in huge profits for the banks.

A lifelong credit card indentured citizen is likely the number one target of bankster backed television programming.

Programs rich in irresponsible behavior that are aimed at our youth will probably result in the copycatting of the irresponsible behavior which can then lead to the creation of debt, at a very young age.

Even though reality television shows are cheaper to produce, they don't hold up as well in reruns as quality non reality tv television shows do. For a reality tv show to get higher ratings in reruns, their participants must first turn into "stars", at which point these stars will demand more money and a cut of the residuals, which in turn may then weaken the shows profitability in reruns.

The point to all of this is generating programming aimed at financially indenturing the youth of our country at an early age is the "natural conspiracy" that helped change the course of the 2008 democratic presidential race, and future political races as well.

Some may say that the 2008 democratic race was a conspiracy against Hillary Clinton, the truer answer may be that yes there was a naturally occurring conspiracy based on financially indenturing our youth through the type of programming that is being produced.

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