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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Chinese build 15 story building in 6 days.

I noticed in the beginning of the video that they are using pre-fabricated components. In essence, this is lego construction come to life. So, hopefully, many of the jobs that are lost on site, are actually preserved in the pre-fabrication process.

If however, the pre-fabricated process does not produce that many well paying jobs, then the overall cost of the building has been radically reduced, and that reduction should be passed on in the form of lower costs to actually inhabit the building. Lower costs mean people won't have to work as many hours to afford their living space which means less overall pressure on the worlds resources.

It's old school billionaire thinking in which they would want to charge as much as possible no matter how inexpensively the building is made that creates economic malfeasance. Either lower the cost to live in the building, or don't bother building the building because the profit margin becomes so great that the middle class can never afford to live in the very buildings they helped prefab, and that is not progress.

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