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Saturday, January 1, 2011

The most Hurtful Anti American Words I ever heard were meant as a back handed compliment by a Canadian Tourist at a 2011 New Years Eve Celebration.

The most hurtful anti american words I ever heard spoken were actually meant as a backhanded compliment by a Canadian Tourist enjoying herself at a 2011 New Years Eve Celebration.

I was at home for news year eve when I heard the comment made on television. I don't even recall what channel I was watching, it might have been Fox, it might have been KCBS, it might have been KABC, when my jaw dropped as the most hideous thing ever said about america was said in passing by a canadian tourist actually enjoying herself at a Pasadena Rose Bowl Pre-Parade New Years Eve Party.

When I heard the Canadian say what she did, I actually felt tears well up, even when I think about it now, it can still bring me to tears, and not in a proud way. Our Canadian friend said what she did in an off the cuff way to a reporter and I think that is what makes it so hurtful. Our Canadian friend didn't really pause in thought, she just said it... "If there's one thing americans still know how to do, it's put on a show."

The way our canadian friend said "IF there's ONE THING americans still know how to do, it's put on a show" that made the comment so hurtful. This comment is painful because I think she's right. If there is even one thing we still know how to do, it's how to put on a "show".

I will admit I am not sure if the word "still" was used. I think it was, but either way, the undertone of the comment is lethal. We are becoming the world's court jesters (but with knives?), and PROUD OF IT.

Even the word "show" reminds me of Barack Obama picking up a prematurely won Nobel Peace Prize, then flying to Europe with Oprah Winfrey in tow so he could try and win the Winter Olympics moreso for Chicago, than America, so he could be center stage as he finished his 8 years in office. The show was mapped out even before Barack Obama had won the presidency.

In the past I have referred to Barack Obama as having a "poker face" when it comes to his complete botching of foreclosure relief programs such as HAMP and EHLP. Barack Obama should be facing impeachment charges over the save your home foreclosure deception he so proudly backed in March of 2009.

It was that same Alfred E. Neuman poker face that belittled the fact that a significant portion of Barack Obama's record campaign donations in the 2008 democratic presidential nomination race came from anonymous, untraceable, pre-paid credit cards.

Maybe it is appropriate that the description of america "If there's one thing that americans still know how to do, it's put on a show", were said right in the middle of our poker faced, untraceable president's first term in office.

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