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Sunday, November 13, 2011

CBS Sixty Minutes Exposes Congressional Investing Hypocrisy, aka Congressional Insider Trading and loving every minute of it.

If you don't think Occupy Protestors have a legitimate beef, PLEASE WATCH THIS SIXTY MINUTES EXPOSE' on our high ranking political officials who invest and purchase shares of IPO's and can legally invest in stocks at any time, even when they are shaping legislation or that legislation is about to be voted into law. In some instances these coincidences can result in the significant increase of the value of their investments.

Nancy Pelosi appears to have purchased Visa shares while at the same time credit card legislation that was in the House seemed to just disappear. Pelosi appears to lie to Steve Kroft when she says she did not invest in the Visa shares.

Barack Obama accepted pre-paid credit cards during the 2008 democratic campaign that obviously fake names such as Mickey Mouse listed as the donor.  Did Pelosi, Obama and Visa have any discussions regarding being able to manifest such fraud to the tune of millions of dollars in fraudulent donations to Barack Obama?


Anonymous said...

Showed that BOTH sides of congress are on the take. The President can be bought (Solyndra, Unions). The Tea Party has gotten the jump and positioned their candidates. They look in-effective now, but.....

Anonymous said...

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