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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Yahoo headlines are getting out of control, Elin Nordegren and bulky high school basketball player are the victims of poor investigating by Yahoo.

(Edit update: Monday, Jan 09, 2012, 7:22 PM, Yahoo reveals the reasons why Elin Nordegren had the house razed, sure seems like my article was pretty much spot on.)

Yahoo seems to be sensationalizing their headlines to such an extent they are able to create both rich monsters, and high school monsters within their stories that are universally hated by anyone who reads the articles.

The two examples below were on their front page Jan 5, 2012, and in both instances the yahoo comments section yielded tens of thousands of responses that were universally hating on the people profiled in the yahoo stories. It seemed to me that I was the only one  who disagreed with the "angle" that the stories took.

The first Yahoo headline condemns "Tiger Wood's ex" for "bulldozing a mansion". This is patently ridiculous. The tens of thousands of yahoo comments are universally "trashing" Elin Nordegren even though what she is doing may actually be the right thing to do.

Yahoo has simply taken a helicopter photo of the home, and then proceeded to assassinate the reputation of Elin Nordegren without any further investigation. 

The ocean front "home" looks like it was copied from the local condo association's design. The home had way too many windows and way too many doors. The home also seems dangerously low in elevation for being so close to the ocean. (I'm assuming the home is near the ocean because of the second picture that shows a beachline at the bottom of the photo).

First, if the new home is going to invoke the latest in heating and air conditioning efficiency, and improved water reclamation, lets not be so quick to judge whether the previous home was worth living in, as is.

Secondly, I would raise the actual foundation about 15 - 25 feet with breakers in front of the home.

Thirdly, the reconstructed home will probably pay for itself when it is completed in increased overall property value versus the prior home that was demolished. Based on the location, the property appears to be worth much more than the home being constructed on it, therefore constructing a superior home to what was there may actually create an instant profit for Elin Nordegren while also getting the home she wants to live in.

Thirdly, A heck of lot of people are going to be employed constructing a superior home to what already existed. I am not usually in favor of destroying a home just to rebuild it, but in this instance, it seems like the logical thing to do.

The Yahoo "article" is really nothing more than a way to fuel class anger and resentment against Elin Nordegren, and Yahoo should offer a full apology for such an irresponsible manipulation of this story without even knowing what Nordegren's intent is, and how her rebuild may actually help the local economy and community by creating jobs.

If her money just sits in a bank, that money is then used to unfairly repossess the homes of the 99%. If the money is spent, that money ends up in wages of several dozen people, maybe more.

Then there is the high school basketball player who looks more like a wrestler that took a wrong turn and ended up on a basketball court. Yahoo shows a video clip that portends to show flagrant fouls against this "wrestler" turned basketball player. 

But closer analysis reveals two things, the wrestler turned basketball player is A, just to darned slow,and B, seems incapable of leaving his feet when he attempts to defend.

So what looks like flagrant fouls are actually a basketball player whose aim is too slow, and because he never leaves his feet, his arms and hands end up missing the ball and instead making contact with the opposing players face, neck, chin, shoulder, etc.

These are not flagrant fouls, this is what happens when a basketball player is not athletic enough to properly defend the lane. I am appalled at the lack of intelligence Yahoo is incorporating into their shameless attempts to rile up tens of thousands of people against  individuals with incomplete information and incorrectly interpreted actions.

I'm a bit freaked out at how easily the masses can be manipulated in this day and age of alleged increased media awareness we are all supposed to have.

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