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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Would the Entire Worlds Economy be in Better Shape if all those Balloon Payments hadn't Ballooned?

Wouldn't everybody have been better off if all of those balloon payment loans had simply stayed "as is" for several more years? Over a year ago, when the stock market was still shooting upwards, I suggested a similar concept regarding credit-card-debt on my Credit-Card-Cap.com website.

Banks chose to foreclose and destroy homeowners who could actually afford a lower than desired monthly payment. Compared to getting zero dollars for that investment, was this really a wise course of action?

I believe a big elitist virus has been exposed. Loans MUST ENSLAVE the borrower for a long period of time. If the Loan does not enslave the borrower, the borrower did not borrow enough, or is paying too low of an interest rate.

One way to heal the economy is to offer interest free paydowns on ALL CREDIT CARD DEBT, but that is not acceptable to the banking elitists who can't stand the idea of unburdening the minions below them of their debt.

At some point in time, the flow of money from consumers who are PAYING DOWN THEIR DEBTS to the banks, is a good thing. Unfortunately, financial elitists don't want you to enjoy the freedom of being debt free and have instead chosen devaluation as a sordid solution to the world's economic situation.

One tip to remember regarding credit-card debt, if you cannot afford to pay down FOUR TIMES the MONTHLY MINIMUM DUE, you may never get out of credit card debt.

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