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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Too much of the U.S. Economy is Tied into Cars.

When the teelevision Media decided to get in bed with the automobile industry, they ignored small business owners in other industries. When a national television show cuts to a commercial, the commercials are not localized enough. The result is primarily national brand merchandisers, and automobiles, can afford to advertise, but the smaller businesses that just want to advertise in a small radius around where their business is located, cannot.

Cable Television was supposed to help the small business owner get their chance to advertise. Yet even there, it is the local car dealership that advertises and dominates the commercial time slots! With no real back up plan in place, as less cars get sold, it seems like other smaller advertisers are not able to fill the void because they have been marginalized over the year by the same media that could now use their advertising dollars.

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