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Monday, March 8, 2010

Why is Iran in favor of Nuclear Energy vs Solar Energy anyways?

I'm finding a disturbing trend. Regions of the world that could support Solar Energy have instead opted for Nuclear Energy. Whether it is Arizona in the United States, or Iran in the middle east, both regions seem to prefer nuclear over solar.

On the surface, it appears that both Arizona and Iran have opted for nuclear power because they have vast areas of land to bury the waste that are dry and stable and probably not likely to ever have housing tracts built upon it BECAUSE ALL THE SUN THEY GET has created huge desert regions.

It makes me suspicious to see the most likely areas for the development of solar, going nuclear. Rather than send military intervention into Iran, couldn't the United States send solar technology there instead? If Solar can replace Nuclear in Iran, then there is no need for war, is there?

If Arizona, and Iran, two very temperate and sunny locations, would rather develop nuclear energy over solar energy, the planet is screwed.

(edit update March 20, 2010) I did find a site called Solar Energy Industry Today that sustains a page called Iran Solar Energy News.

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