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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Blaming College Education for our economic woes. Part II. 10,000 Dirty Shirts, a short Current TV film about cleaning other people's clothes in India.

I just saw the video, "10,000 dirty shirts" on Current TV and it basically helps to explain the irony of a world that believes that a college education is the way out of a life of slave labor.

Education may be a way out of a life of slave labor in Mumbai, India, but every college educated person REQUIRES that several other people work at slave labor jobs and wages to justify the wage that the college educated person makes.

This is the dirty secret that never gets discussed whenever we hear politicians or those advocating education for all. Demanding that everybody have access to an education means nobody would be left to do the toughest jobs on the planet, and is therefore a somewhat deceitful message.

I would suggest that if the educated of the world really want to help the impoverished improve their lot in life, or simply have more free time to spend with their family, they will no longer charge interest on loans to the poor and impoverished.

The real gift society could give to the poor is not making money available at outrageous interest rates. We have reached a point in evolution of the industrial age in which the rich and the well to do should be the only ones paying interest on loans. We have also reached an economic tipping point in which the interest payments on savings should be the highest in smaller amounts, and then gradually decrease once savings reach the millions of dollars.

The rich and wealthy continue to cling to their old way of doing business, and ironically it is now they who have become uneducated on how to solve the world's problems.

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