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Monday, September 29, 2008

Consumer Debt, Why are we not talking about Consumer Debt?

Over the years we have heard about stock market corrections. Stock Market corrections restabilize the market and allow for a new run of success to occur.

Then there is consumer debt. For some reason, the media, the government, nor Wall Street ever states that reducing consumer debt is actually a good thing.

Has consumer debt ever decreased in the past 20 years? Shouldn't consumer debt periodically decrease so the Financial Industry can again entice us to go more in debt? Shouldn't there be an up and down cycle to consumer debt totals?

Consumer Debt Reduction cannot occur with so many hands inside the consumers wallet. Government taxes, state taxes, questionable interest rate charges on credit card debt, not allowing full medical deductions off of our income taxes, and not allowing full rental deductions to those who don't own property are the primary reasons that consumer debt continues to rise every year.

Until consumer debt is reversed and lowered, nothing can be done to fix the economy that will actually work. The Bailout is evil and was rejected, but until the elite in our society acknowledge that the consumer is overleveraged in debt, nothing will change for the better.

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