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Friday, September 26, 2008

Letting the consumer pay off their OLD Debts INTEREST FREE is the only bailout that is needed right now.

What is needed BEFORE a bailout is interest free pay downs on all outstanding consumer debt. This would instantly infuse the banks with MORE of the consumers money as the consumer pays down their debt, interest free.

Money would be used to pay down existing debt, money would also be saved, and a third bonus would be the consumer would actually be able to afford to buy some goods with CASH, and NOT credit. How dare the government pay off Wall Street first while ignoring the consumer. How dare the government print up money it doesn't have and claim that newly printed money has more "value" than the consumer money that has been earned by the consumer performing a job.

No matter how much money is printed by the government, all that really matters is how much money is being generated by people working. What then matters most is, how efficiently is the consumer able to spend that money? Old interest debt on consumeable items that have been consumed and no longer exist is hurting the consumer, and the economy.

But we are led by elitists who think they must "save us" so they can continue their pampered lives of excess. The elite need to go on a diet, and leave more of the consumers money in the consumers pocket, that is how to get the economy going again.

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