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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Stock Market loses 1.1 trillion in one day over 700 billion dollar bailout bill rejection.

At first thought, one would say it's a "no brainer" to pass a 700 dollar bailout plan if it prevents a one day 1.1 trillion dollar loss on Wall Street. It would also have been a no brainer to come up with a stimulus package for consumers that encourages consumers to pay down their debts, especially OLD, unsecured DEBTS.

Reducing OLD CONSUMER DEBT may possibly be the least discussed option by financial gurus, yet it makes the most sense. Old debt is money owed on unsecured purchases that a consumer has been paying interest on for more than four years yet the principle has remained the same or barely inched downward during that time span.

Wall Street bitterly clings to OLD consumer debt as a source of income in the same manner a dog chases it's own tail. Wall Street wants to be bailed out of current bad loans, but why? So they can make new loans to whom, people still trying to pay off old debt? Wall Street and the Government can only pack so much debt onto the backs of its citizens, then it's either relief, or imprisonment.

Relief is simple enough. Just allow consumers to pay off OLD DEBT interest free. The banks already have made a ton of money off of the interest that has already been paid on the old, unsecured debt, now the consumer gets to pay back the rest with no more interest charges. The plan is so simple, and worthwhile, that not even a peep has been heard in Congress, from the president, nor from Wall Street, because this plan actually helps the consumer first. The consumer in turn would help everyone else. The consumer helping the higher ups is a plan that just cannot be stomached by the egoists in power, shame on them.

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