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Sunday, October 19, 2008

There may be only one way to fix the global economy.

There may be only one way to fix the global economy, and it revolves around the governments of the world changing how they operate. Governments can no longer be energy drainers and huge tax assessors, it no longer works. The world's global economy will only heal when governments from all over the world actually begin to create wealth rather than drain it.

Global economy overlap, in which emerging industrialized nations now compete with existing ones, can only be reversed if each and every government creates it's own wealth and reduces taxes on it's citizens, and the banking institutions quit charging long term interest on short term purchases.

What kind of wealth can governments generate? Energy wealth appears to be the number one commodity. If the United States government could supply energy to it's citizens at very competitive prices, it would become it's own wealth generator and in the process would not need to tax so heavily.

If the United States government generated it's own energy, we would not need to have so many troops spread throughout the world. I don't recommend our government directly compete with energy companies, however there are certain kinds of energy the government should be able to handle, energy such as hydroelectric energy.

In the information age we could lead by example, not by military presence. It really is all about energy now.

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