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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

NBC Bailouts out on CSPAN Bailout Spoof starring George Soros, Pelosi, Frank, Bush & Sandler lookalikes, but others have preserved the clip.

The Saturday Night Live CSPAN Bailout spoof video clip has been removed by NBC. I consider this bait and switch. Garner great ratings from political material, then pretend it never happened. I stumbled upon a gracious entity who understands the importance of preserving political art and you can download it at Saturday Night Live Spoof starring George Soros lookalike.

This link automatically downloads a wav file to your computer so don't click on it if you don't want it on your computer. I downloaded it with no problems. If you download the video the George Soros piece is in the final 90 seconds, however I don't think you can fast forward the video to the final 90 seconds.

Allegedly the Sandlers complained about their spoof segment, presumably about the caption that appeared over their scene. I can see why they would be concerned. The Saturday Night Live CSPAN piece should have stayed available with the Sandler caption blurred out or rewritten. Yes that can be seen as a form of censorship but since it involves inflammatory language about offing someone, I think an exception could be made.

For NBC to pretend the piece never existed is just wrong and in a way they may be doing more wrong by not accommodating the Sandlers AND letting the viewing audicence see the piece for ALL THE OTHER BITS THAT ARE IN IT. One wrong should not mean an entire piece is deleted from the internet.

George Soros manipulated the democratic race and Barack Obama doesn't care that millions of hard working voices and the elderly were denied a realistic chance to be heard in the Great Plains caucus contests, not to mention Florida, Michigan and Texas.

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