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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

500 Year Flood, Dredging up Mountains of Mud might have prevented billions of dollars in Damages.

Apparently, there may be a "wave effect" from all the Mississippi River related flooding. Places farther north that are suffering right now, such as Cedar Rapids, Iowa, may then translate into places further south having their flooding problems in the near future. Is it possible that some type of dredging or ground forces could make a difference farther south, except that perhaps we just are not prepared to fight wars against nature?

Is it possible that George Bush believes that the military is to be used only to fight in other parts of the world, but never to heal problems in the United States? In a twisted sort of way, is the government secretly pleased that the floods will cause a lot of damage, and that once the floods have receded the local economies will get a much needed boost from the insurance companies? Could that be the master plan?

I think we can do much, much better than that.

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