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Friday, June 13, 2008

Cedar Rapids Iowa Flooding, How Long for the Media to Realize this is more important than the Presidential Race Daily Discussion?

I don't mean to imply that Cedar Rapids, Iowa is the only place that has had trouble this year. Tornados, Cyclones, Earthquakes and floods have been happening all over the world. 50,000 people and more have perished in earthquakes.

Cedar Rapids, Iowa is starting to look and feel like New Orleans and the news agencies are still too wrapped up in the presidential campaigns to switch gears and make this flood the real top story.
In coming days, Cedar Rapids, Iowa will be heard about more and more, but what about right now? This lack of complete focus on troubled american regions harms the american people and economy by not letting the proper attention be used to make a difference.

I heard that FEMA is out there, but why is MSNBC still going on and on about the presidential race that is still months away while floods waters rise to unheard of levels.

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