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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Lou Dobbs Agrees, sort of, Impeach George Bush, just like WallStreetChange Reported a Week Ago.

Reported on this Blog one week ago, Impeach Bush over his inability to rally any government resources over REDUCING FUTURE FLOODING downstream that would be occurring over the next couple of weeks.

Lou Dobbs expresses impeachment concerns about tomato tainted salmonella. All I can say is if Lou Dobbs thinks George Bush should be impeached for salmonella tainted tomatoes, what about his non action in doing anything to REDUCE flood damage that is yet to happen.

Both of our stories came on the same day. I think the flood waters are an easier target to fight than salmonella, but either way, George Bush doesn't seem interested in making a real difference in his own country, just fighting wars elsewhere.

Lou Dobbs Impeachment Article
WallStreetChange Impeach George Bush Article

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