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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Waiting to Exhale, Cedar Rapids, Iowa is just the tip of the FloodBerg.

I am completely floored that our government is basically standing by waiting for the flood waters to recede in Iowa so they can go in and "mop up" and dole out vouchers, water, and perhaps temporary shelters. But what when the waters recede in Iowa, do those waters just recede and disappear, or do they ease on down the road?

I feel like the government is engaged in some sort of ambulance chasing involving the flood waters. Rather than get ahead of the flood waters and try and do something to alleviate the flooding, the idea seems to be to wait for the flood to go on its destructive way, and then clean up and rebuild.

While nobody may have ever said "Slow motion disasters fascinate me, I just sit and look at one for days", it sure seems to be the modus operandi currently at work.

Is this the best that we can do? Really?

How does this relate to Wall Street? The less resilent we are as a nation to fix our own problems, to repair our own damage, to anticipate and minimize future known problems, the less reason there is to invest in our own stock market.

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