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Thursday, June 12, 2008

The United States Military uses a LOT of Petroleum, Are they Giving Away America Because of this?

These numbers may change as I do more research, but it appears that the United States Military uses 15,000 gallons of gasoline every second of every day! My calculator doesn't have enough digits but lets do some math. Assuming every gallon of gas nets the supplier one dollar, that would mean our suppliers, whom we are told don't like us, are being paid 15,000 dollars a second to do business with our military.

15,000 dollars a second equals 900,000 dollars a minute, 54 million dollars an hour, 1.296 billion dollars a day. Is our military really paying our supposed antagonists 1.3 billion dollars a day for petroleum to fight them, to protect us from them? Is this why the middle east now has so much money that they want to buy huge chunks of America?

At 1.3 billion dollars a day, that is a whole lot of real estate our oil suppliers can buy in the United States, especially as the high price of petroleum reduces real estate values! 1.3 billion dollars a day for Military fuel expenses may be controversial, and one could argue that 30% of all of that oil is from the United States, so that portion shouldn't be counted.

Yes and No. As our budget deficit grows because of our dependence on oil, we are paying interest charges on our national debt. But it's worse than that.

To show a positive bottom line. banks are hammering the american citizen to the tune of 30% credit card interest rates. So one could say that the 30% oil that we produce ourselves has been negated by the 30% interest rate that is being passed on to consumers on the ever increasing revolving debt and decreasing real estate value being caused in part by our becoming an import economy.

What the military consumes in one years time for petroleum could actually power the United States' entire public transit system for 14 years!

If the Military donated just 10% of their oil consumption to the United States public transit system, the public transit system could eliminate their entire fuel expenditures every year! We are reaching a point where less is more. The less foreign oil we purchase to power our military, the stronger we may actually be.

I think we have already crossed the point of less is more, but apparently nobody has bothered to notify the military.

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